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We use the physical practice as a way in, as a coming home to ourselves. It's not about how it looks, but more, how integrated and comfortable you are in your own body. We lovingly tend to all the aspects of who we are in my classes.


Morning Yoga: learn to inhabit your body by moving slow and intentionally in our morning classes. Rich in variety, these classes use traditional yoga postures mixed with modern functional movements to create a strong, flexible, mobile body. We play around with interesting shapes, but more importantly you'll learn to move well so you can enjoy the things you love doing in your life. You'll learn to move with the breath which makes the experience a moving meditation. The result? A profound mind body experience, an invitation into the present moment.

Gentle Yoga: a class that releases tension in the body with methodical repetitive movements to hydrate joints.  These classes are less about alignment and more about tuning in to what feels right in your body. You'll move in and out poses with care and attention to breath to help down regulate the nervous system. I add some mobility work and core work into these classes because having a strong connection your core and remaining mobile will ultimately allow you to move with ease off the mat. A profound practice principled in being, rather than doing. Sets you up for a lovely nights rest.

Power Yoga: a class that is designed to build strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility. Traditional yoga postures will be combined with modern strength training/mobility work and seamlessly put together in a sequence that creates a flow. Power classes aren't fast, but they are strong - we do a lot of work on our hands and move from one posture to the next.  Not for absolute beginners. A class that really gets you out of your head and into your body and will leave you feeling strong and energised. We play with a lot of the same advanced postures week to week, so you'll be able to explore progression. 

Embodied Strength: a class dear to my heart. It's no secret that we are in aging bodies and adding strength training to our routines can help us age more radiantly. This class is designed to strengthen the movements that make us human. Through pilates inspired exercises, we'll strengthen our core, lunge, squat, rotate, push and pull - all movements that keep us moving well in our everyday lives. As we tend to the body, we compassionately tend to ourselves. We include mindful breathing and intentions as we embody all the aspects of the human experience. Even though the movements can be strong, you will create an environment of ease in the body, mind and breath. 


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