7-8am Monday - Friday Livestream Classes are set to completely offer the body a complete movement practice. Mondays are a grounding flow, a strong floor based start and ends with energising sun salutations. Tuesdays are our mobility/fascial gliding classes which are a fantastic blend of traditional yoga, mobility training and specific sequences that move and hydrate our fascial. Wednesdays we build heat with a stronger core focused practiced and play around with some trickier postures. Thursdays we take it down, literally onto the ground. A mostly floor based class with gentle movements, this is a recovery class. Fridays we integrate all we've done throughout the week so we can move with the familiar. Traditional yoga postures, functional movements and mobility work  are combined with mindfulness, breathing and splashes of sacred yoga philosophy. These are our dynamic class that use vinyasas to link postures, we move on all sides of the mat, we get up and down from ground a lot.  FLOW is suitable for most levels, unless you are brand new to yoga. 2 blocks required.


Slow FLOW is an all levels class that is truly accessible for everyone. Each class starts with the RESET which includes Sun Sal 1, then we'll move through simple functional sequences that includes mobility, strength, coordination and flexibility. A truly well rounded class that works at slow pace to consider alignment/function. In these small classes you will get personal cues to help you find the postures for your body - a class that meets you where you are. 

Required: 2 yoga blocks. We always end with a final relaxation so you are more than welcome to bring a blanket, cushion or warm clothing so you can rest comfortably at the end of class. Every in person class will have soft background music and aromatherapy.


We'll move through our Sun Sals together with music (Sun Sal 1, Sun A & Sun B). Then we'll breakdown and discuss the key concepts of a chosen peak pose - like an arm balance or inversion. We'll practice a few prep poses and have a go at the peak poses using props and lots of instruction. A great opportunity to really understand these trickier poses and have plenty of time play around with them - and perhaps have a good laugh!

Not suitable for beginners. Please bring your props like blocks, straps and cushions.


EASE in or out of the day with this gentle and therapeutic yoga class. Dive deep into some long held floor based stretches, gently move in and out of postures all the while enjoying comforting cues for calming the mind and soothing the breath. We stay low to the ground in this practice with a specific intention of getting into the hips/hamstrings or spine/shoulders. This class is a purposeful downshift for the body and the mind. A good recovery class.

EASE in is suitable for all levels, including those new to yoga - grab some padding for your knees. 2 blocks required for all yoga classes.



'We are not designed to live in survival mode. Our bodies need safety. Our souls need rest.' 

Welcome to RESTORE, this class is designed to restore harmony, peace and balance in the body with REST, constructive rest. You will use all your props to support our gentle floor based postures that we hold for 3-10 mins. These 'barely there' postures + stillness invite you into the layers of the body that we can't access through movement. Each pose will be explained, then silence will be given for the duration of the pose. 

There are specific ingredients to get the most out of your RESTORE class, if you can make sure your environment is quiet, dark, warm and you have A LOT of props such as blocks, blankets (ideally 2-3), cushions, bolster...anything soft to support all the parts of your body as we hold our restorative yoga postures.