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Hey there, I'm Katie. I'm an experienced yoga teacher that is here to guide you towards a practice that starts on the mat and eventually seeps into your life. You will experience thoughtfully designed classes that will challenge you - you will get stronger in body heart and mind. I combine my years of experience in traditional hatha vinyasa with modern mobility and strength training techniques to curate a life long sustainable practice that will help you age with ease and grace. We practice to get better at life, not better at yoga. 


I have over 850 hours of teacher training and am a qualified teacher trainer. I've taught on 2 different yoga teacher trainings, host nurturing yoga retreats, teach yoga to 2 Scottish premier football clubs & I teach corporate yoga sessions, you're in good hands!

If I'm not teaching or practising I'm enjoying the hills, water and all outdoor pursuits with my dogs Babs, Brie and Baby Bel.

Teaching Qualifications

  • 200 Hour Yin Yang Hatha Vinyasa - Dhugal Meachum

  • 50 Hour Advanced Vinyasa Sequencing - Clara Roberts Oss

  • 20 Hour Vinyasa Sequencing - Meadowlark Yoga

  • 50 Hour Yin Yoga Training - Paul Grilley

  • 20 Hour Assists and Adjustments - Yoga Scotland

  • 200 Hour LYT Method - Lara Heimann 

  • 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification - Frog Lotus Yoga School

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