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Begins June 2024

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KWY Teacher Training was born out of our love for yoga, a practice that supports and sustains us through whatever challenges life throws in our way. Learning to teach yoga is an opportunity to deepen your understanding and practice of yoga and share the joy of this practice with others.


My 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training offers you the skills, techniques and knowledge to become a skilled Yoga teacher. This course will provide you with a practical foundation in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, meaning you start teaching from weekend two. This helps you to develop an understanding of the frameworks and building blocks of sequencing classes and the skills required to teach. Equal importance is placed on the essential foundational knowledge of yoga asana, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy, energetics, and the development of your OWN teaching style and voice.

My intention is for you to create your own committed daily practice, Sadhana. Through Integration.

My intention is to help you understand the roots, theory, and traditions of yoga. Through Education.

My intention is to teach you how to pass the teachings onto others. Through Teaching Methodology.​

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum:

Techniques, Training and Practice 100 hrs

Guided practices that will inform your experience and ability to translate practice safely and authentically into teaching.  

  • Guided daily practices include:

    • Asana

      • Historical context

      • Poses specific to KWY (krama vinyasa)

      • Complete sequencing (asana, pranayama, meditation) to achieve particular effect safely

      • Shared anatomical and alignment principles plus contraindications

    • ​Pranayama & Subtle Body

      • Historical context

      • Effects of pranayama on anatomy and subtle body

      • Complete sequencing of pranayama techniques

      • Koshas, kleshas, chakras, nadis and prana vayus

    • Meditation

      • Key meditation terms

      • Concentrative and mindfulness meditation techniques​

      • Chanting, mantras, and mudras

Teaching Skills/Methodology 25 hrs

This training will give you the confidence, knowledge, and inspiration you will need to share this practice with others in a manner that can transform and impact lives. 

  • ​Learn how to articulate clear and effective cues

  • How to teach functional accessible asana

  • Build skills in observing alignment in different bodies

  • How to create classes that are infused with yogic philosophy AND your own message

  • How to build intelligent sequences, which are powerful, dynamic, and balanced.

  • How to teach from your authentic self - you won't learn a script in KWY, you will be encouraged to find your voice

  • Business & Ethics of teaching yoga


Anatomy & Physiology 20 hrs

  • Learning to accurately name the major body structures including muscles, bones, joints, organ systems

  • Introduction to biomechanics which includes plane of movements, relationship of body areas to each other, gravitational impact of positions on body structures, movement science 

  • Introduction to fascia and fascial planes (anatomy trains)

  • Introduction to the nervous system and its relationship with the practice of yoga

  • The anatomy of the breath

  • Injury prevention

  • Integration of anatomical knowledge with yoga teachings, sequencing, and cuing development

Yoga Philosophy/Ethics/Lifestyle 30 hrs

  • Introduction to the roots and history of yoga

  • Introduction to different yoga philosophies and traditional  texts in each of the eras of yoga

Practicum 10+hrs

  • Practice teaching as the lead teacher

  • Receiving and giving feedback

  • Observing others teaching taking notes

Upon completion of this 7 month course you'll be a fully qualified teacher able to register with Yoga Alliance, get insured and teach worldwide.

Training days/times:

Fridays 5-9pm

Saturdays 8-6pm

Sundays 8-5pm

Training Dates:

June 28-30th

July 26-28th

August 23-25

September 27-29th

October 18-23rd 6 DAY INTENSIVE

November 15-17th

December 6-8th Teaching Exam and Graduation Weekend

+ 20 hours online coursework

** Because this is a fairly last minute training, I am allowing participants to miss a weekend if necessary, but course work must be made up before graduation.


Early bird £1950 until May 3rd

£2300 after May 4th

Non refundable £500 deposit secures your space - full payment due before June 20th

Limited to 8 spots - 4 spots left!


KWY Studio in Grantown on Spey


I recommend having at least 2 years of practice. Please reach out with questions regarding experience.


Requirements for certification:

95% in person attendance

100% monthly course work completion

Pass written Exam

Deliver a full class to the group

What's included:

-200 Hour Training - upon completion you can register with Yoga Alliance, get insured and teach world wide

-Brunch on Saturday & Sunday training days

-Comprehensive Manual

-Unlimited KWY Studio classes during training

-2 Months post training mentorship

-a few local excursions - Forest Bathing, Cold Water Dipping, Forest Walks

What's not included:

-Required reading books - 

-Accommodation or transportation

Common questions:

I want to do the course, but I don't think I want to teach, should I still do it?

A: Yes! There are 3 main aspects of the training:

Education - INTEGRATION - Teaching Methodology

You will learn through lectures, readings, discussions, presentations etc. history, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, meditation, pranayama, mantra, mudra, subtle body anatomy. But the INTEGRATION is the bulk of the training, where you'll practice practice practice to embody techniques of what you're learning. You will learn how to teach others, which even if you don't plan on teaching, will only deepen your understanding of the practice. Even if you don't plan to teach a 'yoga class', you might (will!) find you can incorporate these teachings into all that you do

I don't have 2 years experience, can I still do the training?

A: Yes, I just want there to be a genuine interest and understanding of yoga. I'm not interested in you doing the splits, I'm interested in you being curious about the teachings of yoga.

Can I stay nearby for the training weekends?

A: Yes! There are plenty of options for accommodations in Grantown on Spey, I can help with that.

Will I learn to teach Yin Yoga? I love yin!

A: No, this is not a yin or restorative teacher training. You will practice those types, along with other styles, but it is a Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Training. You will learn a foundational Hatha Vinyasa sequence that can and will be adapted for different intensities, levels, populations, and different focuses (mobility, relaxation, strength, workplace, etc).

Can I teach at my workplace after this training?

A: Yes, you will be a certified yoga teacher after this training, once insured, you'll be able to teach anywhere you like.


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