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Here's how you can practice with me:


I'm currently offering livestream Zoom yoga classes online Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8am and Fridays (breathwork) 7-7:30am. These are donation based classes, book online for the link.


Tuesdays 6-7:30pm Dulnain Village Hall

Thursdays 6-7:30pm Rothie Church Hall Aviemore

Spring & Summer retreats at various locations in the Highlands!


I also have a small ON DEMAND library of classes for you to practice in your own time - free for anyone!



Traditional yoga meets modern functional movement methods to help you move with ease and enjoy all life's pursuits.

Intelligent class sequences that will awaken your

and put you on a path towards peace




Katie has such a great way of teaching yoga. Her focus on functional movement ensures you are doing the movements in a way that supports your body, not hurting it. Doing the practice has changed the way my body feels, the aches and pains I thought were just part of aging have disappeared. When I skip a week of practice my body and mood suffer. The flexibility of recorded sessions and zoom practices allows me to practice much more frequently than I ever have before. I don't know how I would have made it through the last couple years without Katie.

Whether online or in Katie’s studio these are accessible but pleasingly challenging classes delivered with great knowledge, style, inclusiveness and a good dash of humour. Basically the perfect yoga practice! 10/10

Yoga is something I always wanted to try but never found time or the motivation. I came across Katie's studio in between lockdowns, and it really was a saviour! Katie's style and teaching methods helped for me to comfortably settle in to yoga. I find in studio classes most effective and something really to look forward to. The classes are small and not daunting at all, everyone is really friendly. There's also a handy library of videos on Katie's website when unable to make it to the studio. All round Katiewhiteyoga is that little gem that is so hard to find :)

Katie is a phenomenal teacher and genuinely seems to embody many of the core principles of yoga resulting in a compassionate, powerful and gentle space. I’ve tried yoga at various points throughout my life and sometimes come away with injuries from not understanding the form or the instructions. Katie is clear and concise, explains how movements and holds can be modified and somehow manages to work at everyone’s own pace. Her classes have really helped me find some stillness in all the pandemic madness

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