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Private Yoga Classes

Why  1 2 1 yoga?
A private yoga session is incredibly beneficial for a variety of people. Perhaps you are brand new to yoga and want to get a good feel for the practice before you step into a class. This is the best way to learn the foundations, so your practise serves you in the long run.
You might have an injury that I could help you learn how to adjust postures and movement to accommodate whatever might be going on in the body. You might want to improve mobility, core strength, flexibility, or something else specific. We can devise a plan together to make your 1 2 1 sessions valuable. 
Some clients like personal instruction on a posture or a set of postures that they’ve been practising and want to gain a deeper understanding of. We can also work on meditation, breathing and or mindfulness. 

Something new that I've been working with clients on is relaxation. Not as easy as it sounds! The pandemic has left people stressed and uncertain. So I've created personal restorative yoga classes to help people on their path towards well being. 
I will send a questionnaire to you in advance of your session so I exactly what your goals are and provide a bespoke experience for you.



Corporate Yoga


Corporate yoga classes (virtual through Zoom at the moment) are a great way to improve workplace morale, increase productivity and bring everyone together in these disconnected times. Yoga is a welcome break to a busy work day that can leave employees feeling refreshed, re-energised and ready to face the rest of the day. My yoga classes include mindfulness, breathing, physical stretching exercises and relaxation techniques.

Benefits for employees can and will vary, but on the whole, corporate yoga aims to reduce stress, anxiety & depression, increase energy and mood, improve memory & concentration, improve posture, get rid of aches and pains that come from sitting most of the day and overall health.

No need for any employee to have experience, my classes are accessible for everyone. We'll just discuss in advance if you'd like the class to be a seated chair based class or a traditional class practised on the floor with a yoga or yoga like mat. As well, if there are any specific needs/requirements you'd like for the class you can let me know in advance and I'll design the class accordingly.

At the moment I have lunchtime availability and in my experience this is a great time for corporate yoga to take place, a great midday break! This is if you are looking to do ZOOM classes. Alternatively I can send weekly videos for you to send out to your employees for them to do them in their own time.

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